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Our Family

Through Gods faithfulness and provision we have opened up our home to receive orphaned boys from the streets of Tete.
We currently have seven amazing boys living in the house with us. They age from 1 year old to 17 years old. These boys have truly become sons and they all have a heart for God. This home has been a place of healing and rest for them. We have been able to watch our boys encounter what love and family looks like.







Boy Sponsorships (Monthly)

About "Shekinah Healing Home"
We have rescued seven boys from the streets of Tete. All seven boys live in the home where we provide them with food, clothes and the opportunity to receive a proper education. We believe that God wants them to have the best. In giving them the best, we believe in the importance of a private education where they can learn and discover their many talents and gifts. If you would like to partner with us to provide them with the best in all areas of their life, please fill out the sponsorship below.

Each Sponsorship level receives a picture of your sponsored boy & a quarterly update on the Shekinah Boys.

Sponsor one of our boys by providing his food and/or medical for one month.

Sponsor one of our boys by providing his education for one month.

Sponsor one of our boys by providing his food, education and living expenses for one month.

Girl Sponsorships (Monthly)

About "White as Snow Project"
We seek to empower women through fashion design. Our goal is to take women who have lost all hope through prostitution and provide them with an alternative lifestyle filled with joy, hope, and love only Christ can bring. We long to pioneer the way to a generation free of sex slaves one bead at a time.

Help support & bless one lady and her family every month.

Help keep this door of opportunity open to the ladies by supporting our general business operations.